Clean ingredients you can read & understand and feel confident in
Proudly handcrafted in Niagara, ON
  • Clean ingredients you can read & understand and feel confident in
  • Proudly handcrafted in Niagara, ON



  • Love the baby massage oil and diaper rash cream! The rash cream has a nice subtle smell, works sooo well, and you only need a little bit. We have even used it on other parts of our little girl's body and the redness cleared up right away. The postpartum healing spray is wonderful too! I have loved having products that work so well, AND are made of natural ingredients. Definitely recommend!

    - Ellie L.

  • "Love the baby wash and shampoo! So wonderful to know exactly what I'm putting on my babe's skin and I think the lavender helped her fall asleep even faster than usual! Thank you!"

    - Jen L.

  • "Absolutely love the coffee body scrub. Does a wonderful job exfoliating, leaving your skin so smooth! The whipped body butter is also incredible, melts right into the skin and smells fantastic!"

    -Kirstyn R.

  • I love the diaper rash cream and the diaper cream. They work super well and help clear up the diaper rash in no time. Plus a little goes a long ways! It’s also great to know that there’s nothing harmful being put on my baby’s skin. Would highly recommend their products!

    - Grace W.

  • "The coffee body scrub left my skin so smooth and refreshed! The consistency was perfect and it smells so good! Hilary and Shannon were so helpful and it's clear they created their products with care and love!"

    -Allyson R.

  • An amazing small business run by such nice people! We’ve been using the tummy tamer for our baby and it’s helped so much for those times he’s been a little extra fussy. I love the simple, natural ingredients and we will definitely be repeat customers!

    - Alicia D.

  • "Love the massage oil. Use it on babe every night and give her a 5-minute massage! Calms her right down and gets her ready for that feed before bed."

    -Samantha L.

  • “ I bought the breathe shower steamers and I love them. I had a little bit of congestion from my allergies and used the shower steamer and my air/nasal passageways were clear. I would highly recommend these and I will definitely buy them again.”

    -Rhonda M.

  • "I've purchased the cheek and lip balm and the baby massage oil from Light House Naturals and I have to say, not only do the products work, but they also smell lovely, aren't greasy, aren't toxic, and they're reasonably priced! I really recommend you try them!"

    -Martina F.

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