Kid's Bath Bombs

  • $12.00
Colorless (White)

Make bath time extra fun with our Kid's Bath Bombs! Your children will LOVE picking out their very own bath bomb in fun shapes and colours, dropping it into the bath and watching it fizz and turn the water a pretty colour! 

Not only are our kid's bath bombs super fun, they're also a great way to soften the skin! As always, our formula is 100% all natural with no added fragrances or harsh chemicals. Each bag is packaged with 8 bath bombs in a variety of shapes and colours. 

Prefer a minimalist look? Not to worry! We offer our kids bath bombs with no added colourant for that very reason. 


Gently release bath bomb into bath water. For external use only. Do not swallow. 1-2 bath bombs are recommended per bath as the mica powder (colourant) may leave a color ring around your tub (don't worry! It wipes right off)


Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda): gentle cleanser and water softener; exfoliating

Citric Acid: occurs naturally in citrus fruits; creates a fizzy reaction

Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt): detoxification benefits, stress relief, relieves sore muscles

Olive Oil: packed with vitamins and minerals that boost our skin's health

Corn Starch: slows down reaction of citric acid; stabilizer


Mica Powder: derived from a natural stone mineral, this product adds a natural pigment to products