Postpartum Healing Spray

  • $15.00

Here’s a fact: Pregnancy and child-birth will wreak some havoc on your lady parts. Here’s the good news though - you will heal! Our Postpartum Healing Spray can help with that healing process.  Our spray is a soothing, touch free herbal mist with all natural ingredients. Pure aloe vera, alcohol-free witch hazel, geranium and lavender essential oils work together to provide much-needed relief. Simply spray after each bathroom trip, or store in the fridge for a cooling sensation. Pack in your hospital bag along with our Nipple Balm and you’ll be good to go! 


Shake well before each use. Spray on sore area(s) after each bathroom trip. Avoid contact with eyes. For external use only. 


Aloe Vera – anti-inflammatory properties; reduces pain, swelling and soreness; speeds up wound healing time and limits scarring

Witch Hazel (alcohol-free) – relieves inflammation; soothes itching

Distilled Water

Geranium Essential Oil – an anti-inflammatory and effective in pain management; helps infection; antibacterial

Lavender Essential Oil - treats fungal infections, promotes relaxation, reduces itchiness