Diaper Rash Cream

  • $13.50

Our Diaper Rash Cream specifically targets diaper rashes – which can be inevitable due to teething, introducing new foods to baby’s diet, chafing, etc. Formulated with bentonite clay and zinc oxide among many other effective ingredients, this rash cream is specifically designed to combat even the most stubborn rashes – all while soothing and moisturizing baby’s skin at the same time. Our Diaper Rash Cream is conveniently packaged in a 2 oz. recyclable tin – a perfect size to take anywhere with you!


Apply as needed to soothe diaper rash irritations. For external use only.

Please note* This product is temperature-sensitive, so if you are shipping this product please bring indoors as soon as possible and store in a temperature-controlled room.


Raw Shea Butter – moisturizing, reduces irritation and skin inflammation

Coconut Oil – moisturizing, anti-bacterial, reduces skin inflammation

Bentonite Clay –  removes toxins from the body, heals inflammation

Zinc Oxide – minimizes irritation, provides a protective layer to the skin

Lavender Essential Oil – treats fungal infections, promotes relaxation, reduces itchiness

Tea Tree Essential Oil – fights bacteria and treats fungal skin conditions