Tummy Tamer Blend

  • $14.00

Any parent who has experienced their little one struggle with Colic and trapped gas knows how uncomfortable and irritable it can make them. Our Tummy Tamer is a soothing blend that is formulated to provide relief from occasional digestive pain. Therapeutic-grade wild orange, fennel and cardamom essential oils work together to ease stomach discomfort caused by indigestion and trapped gas. Great to have on-the-go to help manage motion/travel sickness as well!


Roll onto baby’s tummy 2-3 times per day or as needed. For external use only.


Fractioned Coconut Oil – moisturizing, anti-inflammatory properties

Wild Orange Essential Oil – improves digestion to ease cramps and constipation

Fennel Essential Oil – reduces bloating and gas, eases nausea

 Cardamom Essential Oil – eases acid reflux symptoms